The Hitching Rail

Wellness Center & Retreat

Our Founders
Jim and Lily Carlson

Both Jim and Lily Carlson are veterans and have lived on the property with their five horses for nearly twenty-two years. They dreamed of sharing their farm with those in need of serenity, and to assist Veterans and First Responders with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) and anxiety. Though Lily passed away in November of 2020 she was able to see their dream started. Both Jim and Lily are Veterans themselves. Jim served in the Navy for 2 years during World War II and Lily served as a Navy Nurse during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. 

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And a very special Thank You to everyone who came out and supported the event!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our Christmas Event - What a great time! A special thank you to all our volunteers who made this day a success. We truly appreciate your dedication to this program.

We would like to thank some of our local businesses for making this event even more successful with their generous donations of gift items, gift baskets and gift Certificates! The Melrose Grill, Doofer's Bar & Grill, Master's Carving School And Art Club, Sorrentos Coffee, Top of the hill Quality Produce, The Grange Issaquah, UVA FUREM Winery, Homestead in the Suburbs, and Renton Backyard Farmers

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