About the Hitching Rail

The Hitching Rail Wellness Center & Retreat is a Riding Center with a focus on Veterans, First Responders, and their families rehabilitation. We strive to have a comfortable facility that will allow Veterans and their family/friends to escape from the stresses of daily life, while allowing the Veteran and First Responders to focus on personal development and growth. This service is free. We also offer low cost classes for anyone else who is interested.

Both Jim and Lily Carlson are veterans and have lived on the property with their five horses for nearly twenty-two years. They dreamed of sharing their farm with those in need of serenity, and to assist Veterans and First Responders with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) and anxiety. Though Lily passed away in November of 2020 she was able to see their dream started. Both Jim and Lily are Veterans themselves. Jim served in the Navy for 2 years during World War II and Lily served as a Navy Nurse during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. 


A place where veterans, first responders, and families can come to heal physically and mentally. Equine riding has many benefits to the mind and body. Horses, like many service animals, provide comfort and support and are not judgmental to whatever disability a person is suffering from. 


General Information

Located on a 14 acre farm, the Hitching Rail Wellness Center & Retreat is home to 5 adult horses and a flock of 8 sheep. the main house has 2 acres of landscaped lawn and a grove of Japanese cedars.The property includes horse stalls 3 metal sheds a small hay barn, a sheep shelter, and 3 large sheds used for storing farm machinery and heavy equipment. 

Our organization is devoted to the betterment of the community, for use in ways that take advantage of the farms unique attributes and to create a place of retreat, meditation, solace, and healing for people who have had the misfortune of facing some of life's hardest blows.  


Our goal is to provide a center which utilizes horses as a curative tool for helping the recovery of military veterans and first responders who are suffering from P.T.S.D.