Classes are free to veterans, first responders, and their families. We offer lessons for everyone as a fundraiser to help support our program. 

Level 1

Course Includes:

  • Learning the proper way to catch, brush, lead and work around horses, how to desensitizing. Being able to identify horse characteristics and herd behaviors , buildng a positive relationship.

Level 2

Course Includes: 

  • Proper saddling and bridling

  • Saddle and bridle proper fit .and esp. how saddle fit can change over time

  • How to Mount and dismount correctly 

  • How to ride at a walk and trot 

  • Working on rider balance, core muscles

  • Standing ,  posting  and sitting 

Level 3

Course Includes:

  • Leg yields​

  • Turn backs

  • Turns on for hand

  • Turns on hindquarters 

  • Side pass

Level 4

Course Includes: 

  • Balance of horse and rider

  • Correct conformation

  • Saddle fitting

  • Bits and bitting